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What is mylocals?

mylocals is the newest experience platform that empowers locals, to market unique experiences in their home city.

A new peer-to-peer marketplace allowing locals to share their passions to a global audience, connecting Explorers with locally curated experiences.

mylocals is like visiting a friend’s hometown and having them show you everything great about their home, local culture and local community.

mylocals redefines the way we travel

Social media simplifies the beauty of a destination by turning trending locations into mass tourism hotspots and mainstream photo opportunities.

mylocals strips down the superficiality of travelling and connects you with the underlying culture of your home city.

Let the local experts share their knowledge and unbounded enthusiasm for the city that they love.

mylocals Private Tours

mylocals has partnered with some of the best tour guides across the region to bring you private and personalised tours to maximise your experiences. 

Our Tour Guides would love to share their own recommended tours with you, bringing a wealth of local experience and knowledge.

Alternatively, they can tailor a personalised tour to match your interests and wishes.

mylocals Experiences

mylocals presents unique experiences led by one-of-a-kind Experience Hosts.

A chance for you to immerse in local culture, history, architecture, adventures, food, music and more.

Explore hidden gems that go beyond the reach of guide books and typical tours.

A new way of travel, focused on you.



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